Our Origins

Our product is inspired by traditional processes and recipes from our Italian grandparents. After immigrating to Australia they continued the old world traditions including the preservation of foods and in particular the artisan skill of roasting and brewing coffee. The iced, cold method is today commonly referred to as Cold Brew, Cold Press and or Cold Drip Coffee.

Using their passed down skills and recipe we have re created our family’s tradition for you to enjoy and savour

Each precious droplet of cold press coffee is uniquely extracted using ice cold mineralised water for over 18 hours and is crafted using our traditional family methods.

LB cold drip coffee gives an amazing aroma with a character of dark fruits. Its unique phosphoric acidity and smooth body hides the surprising notes of chocolate and caramel. Distinctive flavours one would expect from a micro lot estate.

We hope you enjoy the bottled product as we do,
making it just for you.

From our family to yours,

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